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Denied Workers’ Compensation Claims Attorneys Serving Union County, New Jersey

Fighting for What You Deserve After a Denied Claim

The insurance company liable for paying out benefits in your workplace injury case will likely approach your claim with some skepticism.

Adjusters examine every claim to identify if the injury indeed happened on the job and how much money the insurance companies are legally obligated to pay. They look for ways to minimize the amount of money paid to injured workers because it is in an insurance company’s best interest to save its own money — no matter how much you, the injured worker, deserve it.

The best way to prevent a denied workers’ comp claim is to work with an experienced law firm when you initially file. Do not give up after the denial of your claim. There is a way to recover what you need.

At Perrotta, Fraser & Forrester, LLC, in Clark, New Jersey, we have handled denied workers’ compensation claims for injured workers throughout the state. Each of our attorneys offers more than 20 years of experience in a wide range of legal matters. Our attorneys know how to collect and present the crucial information it takes to aggressively pursue the workers’ compensation benefits our clients deserve.

After a Denial

What if My Employer Disputes My Workers’ Comp Claim?

Your employer’s insurance company is not the only barrier to fair compensation. Your employer may also seek to deny that your injury even occurred in the workplace.

This is often seen in cases of repetitive motion injuries that happen over time because no single workplace accident can be clearly identified as the cause of the injury. Employers may assert that your injury happened when you were at home or is the result of personal health issues as opposed to hazards on the job.

It may be obvious that your or your loved one’s injury was caused by the workplace, but you still need to be sure that your claim is substantiated by well-documented evidence of:

  • The time, place and circumstances surrounding an accident at work

  • The physical demands of your job, whether they involve repetitive motion at a desk, heavy lifting, commercial driving or something else

  • The connection between activities at work and your injury (i.e., exposure to harmful chemicals or fumes that gradually caused respiratory issues)

  • The immediate medical needs you have as a result of your injury

  • The long-term medical needs you have as a result of your injury

  • Permanent impairments or irreparable damage to nerves, hearing, sight, mobility, cognitive function or other areas of the body

Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of workplace safety standards and job activities as well as a strong familiarity with medical records and physical limitations. We care about our clients because we have seen firsthand how their lives have changed because of unfortunate circumstances at work. To us, it is not about making extreme claims — it is about helping our clients recover the stability and normalcy they lost due to a workers’ compensation issue.

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