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Truck Accidents Attorneys Serving Union County, New Jersey

Navigating the Complications of Commercial Truck Accidents

Truck accident claims are particularly complicated when compared to claims involving average driver negligence. They often involve trucking company procedure violations, inadequate vehicle maintenance and industry safety standards. Not every personal injury law firm handles these matters with the skill necessary to get results against trucking enterprises and their insurance companies.

Our law office, Perrotta, Fraser & Forrester, LLC, in Clark, New Jersey, (Union County) is equipped with the attorney experience and legal resources needed to substantiate injury claims that arise from commercial vehicle accidents.

Pursue Compensation

Who Is to Blame in My Semi or Truck Accident?

Determining fault or negligence in a motor vehicle accident case has to do with connecting the dots. Your claim for compensation needs to have clear, well-documented evidence of:

  • Which party caused the accident

  • Whether or not the accident could have been prevented if the at-fault party had exercised reasonable caution or adhered to safety regulations

  • What entity, whether an individual or an organization, can be held responsible for the damage caused by the accident

  • How your injury was directly caused by the accident

Gathering the comprehensive information you need will be difficult to do on your own. Our firm offers more than 20 years of experience in injury claims as well as the resources needed to get the job done right. We work so you can focus your time on your recovery, rather than fighting a battle you do not have the resources to win.

Consult with a Knowledgeable Attorney

After an 18-wheeler wreck, discuss your case with an experienced lawyer at our firm. We offer free initial consultations in trucking accident claims that happen throughout New Jersey. Reach us via email or by telephone. We are here to listen, advise, and otherwise help you overcome the financial and medical challenges you face today.