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Your life can change in an instant. A car accident, a workplace injury, or another personal injury can affect your livelihood and your peace of mind. In addition, family issues like divorce, child support disputes, and child custody battles can threaten to overwhelm you and those you love. When you feel like you’re in over your head, let our team at Perrotta, Fraser & Forrester, LLC, give you the legal representation you deserve.

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Michael J. Forrester, Esq.


As the founder of Perrotta, Fraser & Forrester, LLC, Michael J. Forrester, Esq. has worked as an attorney since 1990. He has handled personal injury cases that have paid millions in settlements, including workplace injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and more. While Mike worked with his future legal partner, Don, in another law firm, their shared interest in personal injury and family law led them to found this firm in 1998. Since then, Mike has represented victims of injuries to help them seek compensation and paths forward.

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Donald B. Fraser, Jr.

Founding Member

Donald B. Fraser, Jr. has worked in a variety of litigation areas from day one. He has successfully represented businesses large and small, as well as individuals with their complex legal matters—from personal injury to family law to criminal defense. Additionally, he has served as counsel to various public entities and Fortune 500 companies. His experience defending major insurance companies means Don knows exactly how these institutions build their cases. He's ready to help individuals in New Jersey find success.

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Eugene J. Perrotta

Attorney at Law

When he met Mike and Don, Eugene J. Perrotta became the third attorney in their practice. Eugene is experienced in representing personal injury victims and others in need of tough legal action. A former police officer and detective, he translated his skills with investigation and law enforcement into his casework as an attorney. When you need an attentive, detailed-oriented, and focused attorney on your side in Union County or anywhere in New Jersey, Eugene is an excellent representative.


Hands-On Legal Counsel for Union County

Assistance with Family Matters

Our attorneys at Perrotta, Fraser & Forrester, LLC, offer personalized legal representation for a variety of family disputes and negotiations, including divorce, child custody, domestic violence, and other family law needs. The legal system is complex and can overwhelm you without knowledgeable, experienced help on your side. That’s where we come in.

Compensation After Your Injury

If you’ve been injured in a car crash due to someone else’s negligence, we’ll help you seek compensation. We assist with motor vehicle and truck accidents injuries, as well as other injuries like those caused by construction accidents. Call us to pursue compensation for workplace injuries, too. Essential workers are particularly prone to mistreatment or endangerment in the workplace, and we are passionate about representing them in their fights for justice.

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The Perrotta, Fraser & Forrester Difference

When life throws you a curveball, it can be easy to settle for the first sign of help that comes along. Don't make that mistake. Unlike other attorneys in New Jersey, our team will work hard to build and pursue your case—through negotiations, settlements, or even a trial—to defend your interests at every stage of the process. We're backed by our combined 90 years of experience helping countless clients and families move forward with confidence.

Each of our attorneys has successfully handled numerous cases for individuals and businesses alike. There’s no case too large or too small for us. We will work quickly to represent you, identifying details like driver or employer fault that can help you pursue the compensation you deserve. In cases of family negotiations and estate planning, our detail-oriented team will monitor your case and ensure your interests are always protected.

The legal system can be incredibly complex. That's why we'll keep you informed, guiding you through the entire process every step of the way. You’ll get personalized attention even when you aren’t in our office. That’s because we give our full focus to your case without passing things on to paralegals or other less-qualified associates. You'll get truly personal attention from highly experienced attorneys at Perrotta, Fraser & Forrester, LLC.

Ultimately, our attorneys offer detailed, dedicated, and talented services at fair and reasonable rates. We offer cost-effective legal representation in Union County, New Jersey, as well as Elizabeth, Jersey City, Edison, Woodbridge, and the surrounding counties. Call us or fill out our contact form to request a free consultation of your personal injury or family law case. We look forward to helping you achieve the solutions you need.