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Criminal Record Expungement Attorneys Serving Union County, New Jersey

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It happens to a lot of people. You make a single mistake when you are young, and it goes on your permanent record. You may then find it difficult to get into college, get the student aid you need, find a decent job or even rent an apartment.

Some prior offenses can be removed from your record (expunged is the legal term). An experienced and knowledgeable attorney can help you determine whether you qualify and can help you take the steps necessary to put your past behind you.

We Understand the Impact of A Criminal Record

At the law office of Perrotta, Fraser & Forrester, LLC, we have extensive experience protecting the rights of people in New Jersey charged with a crime. All of our partners have more than 20 years of practice experience. One of our attorneys is a former police officer who understands the impact a criminal record can have.

We take an aggressive approach on behalf of our clients, using our considerable skill, knowledge, experience and resources to get the outcome you want. Because of our reputation for strong and effective advocacy, many of our new cases come to us as referrals.

Pursue a Fresh Start

Assessing Your Eligibility to Seal Your Criminal Record

We have a comprehensive understanding of the laws governing expungement and the sealing of criminal records in New Jersey. We can quickly assess your situation and identify whether you qualify to have a charge or conviction removed from your record. If so, we will handle all matters necessary to complete the process, preparing and filing all required documentation, and acting on your behalf at all hearings or proceedings.

It’s a different world we live in today. Prospective employers, landlords, college admissions offices and others can obtain access to your criminal record at the click of a button. Your prior record won’t go away unless you take action to make it go away. If you think an offense may qualify for expungement, it is always in your best interests to at least explore the possibility of removing it.

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