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Addressing Common Questions On Your Legal Issue

Q: How can I tell if I have a right to compensation for my personal injuries?

A: The best way to tell is to come in for a free personal injury consultation. Evening and weekend hours are available. Our experienced attorneys will be able to provide you with an assessment of your situation and recommendations as to how to protect your legal rights.

Q: Do I need an appointment for this free legal consultation?

A: In order to best provide you with the time and attention you deserve, please call for an appointment. We can usually accommodate your scheduling needs and we will meet with you promptly to address your legal concerns.

Q: What should I do if an insurance adjuster contacts me regarding my claims?

A: Do not sign any documents or agree to resolve any part of your case without getting legal counsel first. Important rights you may have can be signed away. Let us help you protect your legal rights.

Q: What do I do if I am charged with an offense in municipal court or arrested and need legal help immediately?

A: Contact us immediately and do not give any statements to anyone in the interim. Prompt legal assistance is the best way for us to address your concerns and to prevent you from losing any of your valuable legal rights.

Q: How do I get representation for my real estate or estate planning needs?

A: Give us a call or email us so that we can assist you in these major life decisions. We are here to help you.

Q: What if my legal problem does not fall into any specific category?

A: We know that everyone’s legal problems and situations are different. Contact us so that we can best help you with whatever your legal needs may be.

Providing the sound legal advice and strong representation you need to move forward.