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New Jersey Restraining Order Lawyers

If you or children have been the victims of domestic abuse, you can use the power of the courts to get a restraining order, limiting the contact the perpetrator may have with you or your family. You want an experienced attorney to protect your rights, someone who knows the strategies and tactics defense attorneys will use to try to defeat or diminish the scope of a protective order.

At the law office of Perrotta, Fraser & Forrester, LLC, each of our partners has more than 20 years of practice experience. One of our lawyers is a former police officer, who understands the concerns you have for your safety. We take an aggressive stance on behalf of our clients but offer a caring environment where you can have the confidence that your interests are being protected. We are dedicated to serving your specific needs.

Our Domestic Violence Practice

We protect the rights of individuals who have been victims of domestic violence, helping you take the necessary steps to secure a restraining order. We handle cases involving spousal abuse, violence against children, violence between roommates and abuse related to dating relationships. We can help you get protection from stalkers as well as individuals who use the phone or the mail to harass you.

Because we represent parties on either side of a domestic violence case, we know how to anticipate the arguments of defense lawyers and can take proactive measures to get the legal protection you need. To learn more about our defense of domestic violence charges, see our criminal defense overview page. We understand the emotional challenges you face when you have been the victim of domestic abuse. We will be sensitive to your needs as we carefully gather the information necessary to prepare and present the most effective case for a protective order.

Contact Our Office

We provide a free initial consultation to all clients. To arrange a private meeting with one of our Clark domestic violence lawyers, contact us by e-mail or call us at 732-680-1400. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request. We welcome the use of credit cards in payment of services rendered.

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